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Maria Ferreyra's Voucher Research

In this interview, Maria Marta Ferreyra, assistant professor of economics at the Tepper School, discussses her recently published paper, "Estimating the Effects of Private School Vouchers in Multidistrict Economies." Ferreyra's study compares the effects of two large-scale voucher programs in the Chicago metropolitan area: one using universal vouchers; the other using vouchers restricted to non-sectarian schools. She discusses how education planners can use her model to achieve a variety of policy goals, ranging from expanding school choice, to improving public education, to changing the residential and demographic characteristics of inner-city neighborhoods. Ferreyra also addresses a common misconception that vouchers defund public education. Designed right, she says a voucher program can increase the amount of money available to public school systems. Her paper was published in The American Economic Review.

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