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Tepper Profiles

Discover life in Pittsburgh from the perspective of Tepper School of Business masters students and alumni. Read what they have to say about the city’s activities, restaurants, and places to eat, and see what life as a Tepper student is really like.

  • Betsy


    MY RECOMMENDATION: I like to go to Bloomfield Bridge Tavern for pierogies and kielbasa. It's kind of a hike but it's worth it for the delicious eats!... read more

  • Brian


    MY RECOMMENDATION: Explore the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh! There is so much more to the city than Shadyside and Squirrel Hill. ... read more

  • Justin


    MY RECOMMENDATION: Exploring Libery Ave., Penn Ave., Butler St., and Carson St. These streets are walkable and have a lot of character to them.... read more

  • Ben


    MY RECOMMENDATION: I enjoy the nightlife around Shadyside. When baseball is in season a classmate hosts BBQs at the Cork Factory and we take the ferry over to the stadium. The ferry offers the best view of downtown I've seen.... read more

  • Chandler


    MY RECOMMENDATION: Go to concerts downtown.... read more

  • Ian


    MY RECOMMENDATION: Squirrel Hill is my favorite place to eat as they have EVERY single type of food you can imagine: Ice cream, Subs, Thai, Middle Eastern, etc.... read more

  • Josh


    MY RECOMMENDATION: It's said that Pittsburgh is the biggest, small town you'll every lived in. Spend a day or even a full weekend, if you can, getting "lost" in Pittsburgh's different neighborhoods. There are so many of them, each with their own personalities. Don't worry about an agenda, just drive, walk, or bus from neighborhood to neighborhood and visit the shops and restaurants, walk among the streets and homes, and talk to people.... read more

  • Chris


    MY RECOMMENDATION: There is a convenient & engaging world outside of the Shadyside/Squirrel Hill Bubble (MANY worlds actually), don't fall into the trap of spending your whole time just there.... read more

  • Meredith


    MY RECOMMENDATION: Since starting at Tepper, I've established an urban beekeeping organization with some others in town called Burgh Bees--we're currently building a community apiary and demonstration pollinator garden in Homewood-across from the East End brewery--another local gem.... read more

  • Steven


    MY RECOMMENDATION: I rent a house with 2 other housemates. I used craigslist, but was in town to go look at the places that I found. I would not use craigslist to find a place and sign a lease before coming here.... read more

  • Sachin


    MY RECOMMENDATION: We use Carriage House for our childcare needs. ... read more

  • Donald


    MY RECOMMENDATION: There's a little Italian grocery store in Oakland that I like on Bates St. called Merante Grocery... read more

  • Abhinav


    MY RECOMMENDATION: Yup, stick to Shadyside and your life will be easier. It'll be much easier to walk to walk home after getting hammered after the pub-crawl/party.... read more

  • Kevin


    MY RECOMMENDATION: We had been talking about getting a dog for a long time, and moving into a house with a backyard has allowed us to rescue a puppy from an independent shelter in Pittsburgh called Animal Friends. ... read more

  • Yash


    MY RECOMMENDATION: When it comes to Pittsburgh and Tepper, its easy to never leave Shadyside. I highly recommend exploring the other neighborhoods, they each have so much to offer.... read more

  • Nathan


    MY RECOMMENDATION: I love going to any of the many sporting events around here. You can't match the energy at Heinz Field, the Mellon Arena, or the Peterson Events Center (Pitt basketball), and the views from PNC Park are incredible. ... read more

  • Gautam


    MY RECOMMENDATION: Do a lot of extra activities other than your course work when you are here. Definitely take part in Case Competitions if you are interested in Consulting or if the topic of the case is related to your field.... read more

  • Philip


    MY RECOMMENDATION: Learn the bus / shuttle schedule.... read more

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