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70-201 Professional Service Project

The philosophy of professional service is simple: service is a vital component of career development. Course #70-201 is central to the undergraduate business curriculum and requires students to engage in professional service by fulfilling the following:



Use business skills and knowledge through non-academic experiences. The business skills that one can gain through the curriculum can be extensively supplemented through service activities that allow one to use these skills to achieve meaningful and important results.


 Develop Leadership. Through service activities one can significantly enhance their leadership skills. Service projects allow one to develop a true understanding of the importance of leadership in groups and teams to achieve objectives. Service projects also offer the opportunity to students to become involved with other students and to develop their skills for leadership in these situations.


 Develop Professional Networks. Service is a valuable way to enhance one's professional network. Service activities allow one to gain access to leaders, managers, and key individuals who are responsible for goal achievement and leadership. Service allows students to gain first-hand experience and insight from these professionals and to add them to their own network of professional references.


 Community Involvement and Social Responsibility. Community involvement and social responsibility are now critical areas for the development of complete managers and leaders of organizations and society in the future. In most organizations this is now a critical activity for senior managers in their career development process. Service projects allow students to begin to understand the importance of these ideas at an early stage of their careers.

Students fulfill 70-201 requirements by engaging in activities in which they substantively  address each of the four goals of the course listed above. The course culminates in a written report documenting students' participation and the extent to which they achieved the aforementioned goals.
Eligible Activites for Fulfilling 70-201 Requirements


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