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Beta Gamma Sigma Induction 2013

Beta Gamma Sigma 2013 Group

“We take great pride in you,” remarked Dean Robert Dammon. He was addressing 12 students who have been selected to become members of Beta Gamma Sigma, the honor society of the Tepper School of Business. The students being inducted were Keith A. Hoover, Rachel Zhao, Stephen Serrao, Ian Bangor, Anthony Rizza, Christopher J. Madden, Eric Yun-Chun Yi, Zhuoming Phil Chen, Linda Ju, Mei Yang, Alexander M. Smith, and Weimeng Chen.

All of these students have GPAs in the top 10% of their class and have demonstrated the characteristics that are most important to Beta Gamma Sigma: Honor, wisdom and earnestness (one each from Greek word starting with the letters Beta, Gamma and Sigma). Dean Dammon, a member of Beta Gamma Sigma himself, applauded the students’ efforts, saying, “We view you as the leaders among the undergrad students. Take that with you throughout your career.”

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