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Pittsburgh Activities


Nowhere else but Pittsburgh can you find seven floors of work by Andy Warhol or the unique collection of birds at the National Aviary.

Pittsburgh History

Rich in history from the French and Indian War, through the Industrial Revolution and into the modern day, the Pittsburgh is fascinating and deep.


Top-notch performing arts groups will entertain you throughout the city, from the Pittsburgh Public Theater, who performs in a new facility designed by Michael Graves, to the Quantum Theater, who performs in a new non-traditional space for every show.

Professional Sports

You can't speak of Pittsburgh without mentioning its dynamite teams. With two new stadiums, athletics gained even greater momentum in an already-passionate sports town.


Pittsburgh loves its festivals. Although many take place in the summer months, the Three Rivers Film Festival occurs in November and Light Up Night kicks off the holiday season.

Nearby Destinations

Pittsburgh attracts 3.9 million visitors annually. Many tourists travel outside the city limits to explore these one-of-a-kind attractions.


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