Website Accessiblity

Guidelines For Access


The Tepper School's online alumni directory is maintained by the Alumni Relations office. Access to the directory is restricted through the use of a user id and password.

The following members of the business school community are also granted access:

  • Current students are given access to the alumni directory, because they are considered "alumni in residence." Students who use the directory must keep in mind that access is a privilege and must not misuse the information contained in the directory.
  • Faculty and staff are granted access to the directory upon request.
  • Prospective students are never granted access to the directory, since they are not members of the business school community.

 Appropriate Uses Of The Database

  • Look up basic alumni information
  • Verify current alumni information

Inappropriate Uses Of The Database

  • Provide information to a third-party vendor
  • Telemarketing
  • Creation of general distribution lists

We periodically receive requests for electronic copies of the alumni database. The entire database is NEVER provided to any individual electronically - due to the potential misuse of this information.

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