Annual Giving FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Tepper School Annual Fund
  • How are gifts to the Tepper School Annual Fund used?

    Money donated to the Annual Fund each fiscal year is allocated to our area of greatest need, providing Dean Robert M. Dammon with the flexibility to meet the demands of the changing business school environment. In some years, scholarships may require additional funding in order to ensure the top students choose to attend the Tepper School. In other years, faculty opportunities may dictate an enhanced need. Each year, expendable annual fund dollars are critical to ensuring the Tepper School maintains its competitiveness among its peers.
  • Does the Tepper School Annual Fund provide scholarship assistance?

    Absolutely. The Tepper School recruits the highest-caliber individuals for programs regardless of their financial situation. In order to ensure the school remains accessible to students from a wide range of backgrounds, we rely on the support of alumni and friends. The Tepper School’s strategic approach to financial aid includes a fellowship program and financial aid assistance to the very best applicants.
  • Will the Tepper School Annual Fund directly impact the students?

    Definitely. Under Dean Dammon’s leadership, we’ve committed ourselves to ensuring Tepper School students have a wonderful experience while they are here. Dean Dammon has made considerable investments in programs aimed at enhancing opportunities for study, networking and professional development. Support to the Tepper School Annual Fund finances student clubs and case competitions and provides students with the chance to interact with industry experts, to gain key career insights and to engage in valuable networking. The fund also provides additional study abroad opportunities for our students and has funded long-needed renovations to our facilities.
  • How does the Tepper School Annual Fund impact the faculty?

    Gifts allow us to provide competitive salaries, which play a critical role in retaining our current outstanding faculty and recruiting new faculty. Additionally, increased funding for research leads to path-breaking discovery and continues to enhance our academic programs. Within the competitive business school environment, both of these needs are imperative to provide the high standards of teaching and academic excellence for which the Tepper School is known.
  • Why is my participation important?

    We are all proud of the smaller class sizes found at the Tepper School, but that means we also have fewer alumni than other schools. We need a larger percentage of alumni making annual gifts in order to match or surpass the annual fund giving at larger business schools. Participation in the annual fund is an external and tangible testament to your belief in the Tepper School and demonstrates to prospective students, faculty and investors that we are a tight-knit community that stands behind the value of its business education.
  • Can I give to multiple areas of the Tepper School and/or CMU?

    Yes. When making your gift, whether online or by check, simply indicate how you want your gift divided — either between multiple Tepper School allocations or Tepper School funds and CMU-wide funds. At least a portion of your gift must come specifically to a Tepper School designation in order for you to be included in our alumni participation for the year.

  • How do I get in the W.L. Mellon Society?

    The W.L. Mellon Society (WLMS) recognizes donors who give at least $1,000 annually in total contributions to the Tepper School of Business in a given fiscal year. Current students and one-year out graduates can become members of the WLMS by giving at least $500. WLMS members are honored with their names included on the donor boards located in the main hallway of the Tepper School. WLMS members also receive special perks like invitations to private receptions and special correspondence from the dean.
  • How can I make a gift by utilizing stocks, bonds, mutual funds or wire transfer?

    Visit the CMU giving webpage for instructions on how to make of gift of bonds, stocks, securities or via wire transfer. Questions ? Contact the Development Team!