Tepper Magazine

    • Marketing's Friendly Takeover

      Spring 2015

      Muscled up on big data and analytics, Marketing is shouldering its way to the top of the org chart.

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    • Defining Moment: David A. Tepper Quadrangle

      Fall 2014

      The Tepper Quad inspires visions for taking the campus and business education into the future.

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    • Leadership Renewal: Leaders Are (Usually) Taught, Not Born

      Spring 2014

      The strongest business leaders are strategic, empathetic and analytical, a rare combination of skills that the Accelerate Leadership Center's coaching sessions help students to develop and master.

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    • Made in America: Is U.S. manufacturing poised for a strong comeback?

      Fall 2013

      Are U.S. factories poised for a strong comeback? While there are early signs of a resurgence on the horizon, our alumni experts and faculty weigh in on trends that warrant both optimism and caution.

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    • Reality. Check. From classroom to boardroom to factory floor.

      Spring 2013

      A real-time, corporate laboratory, the MBA capstone course – Managing the Enterprise of the Future – pairs students and executives in high-level experiential learning aimed at changing business practice.

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