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Minor Area Requirement

Because the school's doctoral programs emphasize mastery of fundamental principles and quantitative tools necessary for continuing professional growth, a requirement in a minor area is included to prevent narrow specialization.

Competence in the minor area is demonstrated either by completing at least 18 units of coursework with a grade of B+ or better.

The minor area may include courses in a functional area different from the one in which the student is admitted, or courses offered by departments outside of the business school (either at Carnegie Mellon or other local universities) which have been approved by the Chair of the PhD Committee. The minor area requirement must be fulfilled by the end of the student's fifth semester of study.

Students entering the Tepper School's PhD program with three semesters of graduate- level course work in a relevant area related to the student's program of study in the Tepper School can be exempted from the external minor requirement with the permission of the Program Head and PhD Committee. An examples of such cases would be students entering with a master's degree or PhD level training in an area that, had the courses been taken at Carnegie Mellon, would meet the minor area requirement. Students requesting such an exemption should petition the Program Head in the semester following the qualifying exams.

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