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The UEP administration is here to help you; so please meet with us as often as you like.   To facilitate our meetings, we have adopted a new on-line appointment system which allows you to view our schedules and book appointments directly online.

Throughout the Fall 2013 semester, our calendar is divided into 15 minute and 30 minute appointments. Most of the year we will continue to offer open office hours. While you are encouraged to use this online scheduler to set an appointment, it may also be useful to check if we are in our offices. When we are teaching, attending a meeting, already booked, etc., an appointment time is not indicated. Hopefully this saves you an unnecessary trip over to Tepper.

We offer "full service" advising. So, feel free to stop by to: discuss your progress toward degree requirements, choose courses, register research credit, discover research opportunities, explore study abroad opportunities, offer introductory information regarding double majors/minors, discuss policies for transfer credit and change of major, discuss co-curricular opportunities, discover the meaning of life, and more.

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Carol B. Goldburg, Ph.D.
Director, Undergraduate Economics Program
Kathleen Conway, Ed.S
Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Economics Program

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