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Section 1: Educational Objectives

The Undergraduate Economics Program offers a range of degrees in economics designed to develop strong analytical skills and a solid foundation in the discipline of economics. More specifically, measurable objectives for our economics curriculum are the following:

•    Students should be able to identify, explain, and use economic concepts, theories, and models; and data-analytic techniques.

•    Students should acquire and use knowledge of economics, mathematics, statistics, and computing, flexibly in a variety of contexts, providing the foundation for success in graduate studies and careers in the public and private sectors.

•    Students should be able to apply their economic tools to formulate positions on a wide range of social and economic problems, and engage effectively in policy debates.

•    Students should use investigative skills necessary for conducting original economic research, and participating effectively in project teams.

•    Students should be able to deliver effective presentations in which they combine visual communication design with oral arguments and/or the written word.

(Updated: 10 July 2013)

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