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Economics Program Handbook

Dear Current and Prospective Students of Economics,

Welcome to the Undergraduate Economics Program at Carnegie Mellon!

Carnegie Mellon University enjoys a rich history of innovative research and instruction in the field of Economics. By bringing together rigorous theoretical and empirical work, the University supports some of the very best research in Economics. Six of our past and present faculty have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

The Undergraduate Economics Program has a structure that is relatively unique to Carnegie Mellon.  As a result of a collaborative effort between the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences (DC) and the Tepper School of Business (Tepper), all bachelors’ degrees in economics are now jointly awarded by the Tepper School and DC.  All students whose primary major is Economics or Economics & Statistics are students of both Tepper and DC, enabling economics majors to enjoy the full array of services and support of both schools.  For students pursuing a major in Economics & Mathematical Sciences, the full array of services and support of DC, Tepper, and the Mellon College of Science are provided.

UEP students are members of both DC and Tepper, and as such, they follow a hybrid of Tepper and DC policies. The Undergraduate Economics Program Student Handbook has been created to provide you with a single document in which you can find the policies, rules, and requirements that govern the Undergraduate Economics Program (UEP) and its degrees.  This handbook also provides the policies, rules, and requirements that govern UEP courses.

We realize that each student (whether pursuing a degree in economics or just taking a single course) is unique in the set of skills and knowledge with which they enter college and in their academic aspirations, so, please do not consider the handbook a substitute for one-on-one discussions with members of the UEP faculty, advisors, and staff.

Best wishes for a successful academic year,

Carol B. Goldburg, Ph.D. (Executive Director, Economics)
Kathleen J. Conway, Ed.S. (Academic Advisor, Economics)


Executive Director, Economics: Carol B Goldburg, (Tepper 130) 
Accademic Advisor, Economics: Kathleen Conway, (Tepper 131)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Economics: Billie Davis (Tepper 133)


Dennis Epple (Head of Economics Programs), 
Carol B. Goldburg,
Joachim Groeger,
Onur Kesten,
Rebecca Lessem,
Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau,
Christopher Sleet (Chair of UEP Curriculum Committee),
Stephen Spear,

(Updated: 10 July 2013)

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