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Listed below are faculty who regularly teach undergraduate economics courses and/or lead Tepper Honors Theses in Economics. If there are faculty members not listed here with whom you would like to work, do not hesitate to contact them. Most faculty members prefer to be contact through e-mail. Click here for a list of Tepper Faculty.  Click here for list of economists at Carnegie Mellon.

Dr. Goldburg is in the process of conducting informal interviews with the Economics faculty. To find out about faculty research interests, what music can found on their i-pods, and more, visit the Faculty Interviews website.

LAURENCE ALES, Assistant Professor of Economics (Ph.D., University of Minnesota). Macroeconomics, public economics, contract theory, monetary economics.

KAREN B. CLAY, Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy (Ph.D., Stanford University).   Economic history (the role of both public and private order institutions in the economy), electronic commerce.

TIMOTHY P. DERDENGER, Assistant Professor of Economics (Ph.D., University of Southern California). Industrial organization; empirical industrial organization, competition policy; high-technology and media/entertainment strategy.

DENNIS N. EPPLE, Head, Economics Programs; Thomas Lord University Professor of Economics (Ph.D., Princeton University). Public economics, economics of education, industrial organization and applied econometrics.

MARIA MARTA FERREYRA,  Associate Professor of Economics (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin). Applied microeconomics, applied econometrics, economics of education, industrial organization. Currently studying the general equilibrium effects of school finance reform, private school vouchers and other school choice programs.

CHRISTINA FONG, Senior Research Scientist (Ph.D., University of Massachusetts). Public economics, inequality and redistribution, behavioral economics, political economy.

MARTIN GAYNOR, E.J. Barone Professor of Economics and Health Policy (Ph.D., Northwestern University). Industrial organization, health economics, economics of organizations, competitive strategy. Currently studying competition and antitrust in health care markets, and the impacts of social interactions on optimal incentives in organizations.

CAROL B. GOLDBURG,  Executive Director of the Undergraduate Economics Program; Adjunct Professor of Economics (Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University). Political economy, game theory, history of economic thought.

MARVIN GOODFRIEND, Friends of Allan Meltzer Professor of Economics (Ph.D., Brown University). Macroeconomic fluctuations, monetary theory and policy, banking and financial markets, economic development.

ISA E. HAFALIR, Associate Professor of Economics (Ph.D. Penn State University).   Microeconomic theory, game theory, mechanism design, industrial organization.

BURTON HOLLIFIELD, PNC Professor of Finance; Professor of Financial Economics (Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University). Asymmetric information in financial markets, insider trading, limit order markets, portfolio theory, asset pricing.

ELIF INCEKARA HAFALIR, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics (Ph.D., Penn State University). Applied microeconomic theory, behavior economics, industrial organization.

KARAM KANG, Assistant Professor of Economics (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania).Public economics, political economy, applied econometrics, environmental economic

ONUR KESTEN, Associate Professor of Economics (Ph.D., University of Rochester). Microeconomic theory, mechanism design, matching markets, and social choice.

YAROSLAV KRYUKOV, Assistant Professor of Economics (Ph.D., Northwestern University). Microeconomics, industrial organization, computational methods, econometrics.

REBECCA LESSEM, Assistant Professor of Economics (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin). Labor economics, development economics, applied microeconomics.

BENNETT T. McCALLUM,  H. J. Heinz Professor of Economics (Ph.D., Rice University). Macroeconomic fluctuations, monetary theory and policy. Specific topics of ongoing concern include theories of the real effects of monetary policy, strategies for the conduct of monetary policy, macroeconomic consequences of alternative international monetary arrangements, and significance of multiple solutions in rational expectations analysis.

ROBERT A. MILLER, Richard M. Cyert and Morris DeGroot Professor of Economics and Statistics (Ph.D., University of Chicago). Microeconomics and strategy.

BILLIE M. DAVIS, Post-Doctoral Fellow, (Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University). Public economics.

NICOLAS PETROSKY-NADEAU, Assistant Professor of Economics (Ph.D. University of Quebec at Monreal). Macroeconomics, business cycles, labor market dynamics, capital market imperfections.

DUANE J. SEPPI, Professor of Financial Economics (Ph.D., University of Chicago). Market microstructure, energy and commodity derivative valuation, financial engineering, game theory.

CHRISTOPHER SLEET, Professor of Economics (Ph.D., Stanford University). Macroeconomics, dynamic public finance, contract theory

FALLAW B. SOWELL, Associate Professor of Economics (Ph.D., Duke University). Econometrics, time series and microeconomics.

STEPHEN E. SPEAR, Professor of Economics (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania). Microeconomic theory, dynamic general equilibrium theory, mathematical economics, experimental economics, economics of electronic commerce.

CHRIS I. TELMER, Associate Professor of Financial Economics (Ph.D., Queen's University (Canada)). Intertemporal asset pricing theory with incomplete markets, forward-foreign exchange rate determination, aggregate representations of heterogeneous agent economies, international portfolio choice and incomplete markets.

SEVIN YELTEKIN, Associate Professor of Economics (Ph.D., Stanford University). Macroeconomics, optimal monetary and fiscal policy, computational economics, repeated and dynamic policy games, mechanism design, political economy.

M. BUMIN YENMEZ, Assistant Professor of Economics (Ph.D., Stanford University).   Microeconomic theory, industrial organization, financial economics

ARIEL ZETLIN-JONES, Assistant Professor of Economics (Ph.D., University of Minnesota). Macroeconomics, business cycles, financial frictions, banking

Updated: 17 July 2013

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