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Overview of the THREADS Process

To guide and support your MBA and MSCF career management efforts, we created a cohesive tool kit called THREADS—an acronym encompassing 7 phases of your career development and search for meaningful employment. Each phase is defined by the activities you need to accomplish to advance to the next phase. These skills will aid you throughout your life as well as during your search for an internship or full time job. Please note that this content is for the Tepper School community only and requires authentication with your Andrew credentials.

Take Off

Identify your potential career paths which will guide the development of your resume and search plan through these critical steps:

  • Explore career options
  • Draft your resume
  • Prepare your search
  • Understand the job search process

Highlight Your Career Options

Go from an aerial view of your options to a focused career-search goal(s). Topics include:

  • Attend Corporate Presentations
  • Evaluate the Student Clubs
  • Understand the time/commitment to find a job
  • Revisit your resume and Tepper Symplicity profile
  • Revisit your CareerLeader results and Vault and Wetfeet guides

Research, Rehearse, Reach Out

This phase provides you with the resources necessary to make an outstanding impression. We offer advice on how to:

  • Research potential companies
  • Develop interviewing and networking skills
  • Post your resume
  • Create cover letters
  • Find contacts and job opportunities

Execute Your Career Plan

Learn accountability and become focused amidst the pressure and excitement associated with job seeking. You will learn to:

  • Keep track of your target companies
  • Follow interviewing protocol
  • Monitor your progress

Attain Your Desired Job

Gain a better perspective on how the variables comprising an offer should be evaluated including how to:

  • Evaluate and negotiate offers
  • Accept an offer

Determine and Detour

If you have not yet attained your goal, just take a step back and do two things:

  • Identify the loose threads in your job search
  • Develop a new approach

Success and Satisfaction

Once you land a position, we will continue to support you throughout your career. As your career progresses, we will continue to provide you with valuable resources. Read more about how to:

  • Find success in the workplace
  • Become an active member of the Tepper Alumni Network
  • Keep your personal and professional information up to date
  • Stay active in professional and community organizations
  • Notify the COC of openings and opportunities at your company

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