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Asian Business Association International Treks

The Asian Business Association is proud to present a total of 2 international Treks over the course of the school year, all of which are student-initiated trips designed to provide students with an introductory exposure to global business practices. Organized by the Asian Business Association (ABA), Tepper’s international Treks to Asia have become one of the best ways for business graduate students to address the growing significance of the global markets. Opportunities for face-to-face meetings with key corporate and government officials, academic lectures at some of Asia’s top universities, and unique social/cultural events form the basis for our Treks.

The trip consists of three main components: corporate presentations, academic lectures and cultural events:

Corporate Presentations

Through face-to-face meetings with company executives, participants learn how managers run their companies and the forces that influence their decisions. Visits to factories provide opportunities to observe firsthand local means of production and labor-management issues. Government-business relations are discussed with officials from national and local regulatory agencies.

Academic Lectures

Several of the ABA’s international Treks feature academic lectures from world-renowned faculty in Asia. Previous topics have included B2B marketing in Asia, Asian capital markets, and Asian economies. Academic credit may be available for Treks which incorporate this component.

Cultural Events

Throughout the Treks, opportunities to learn about Asian culture and its influence on business practices are arranged. Social events with Tepper students, alumni, and professional counterparts and guided sightseeing tours play a significant role in rounding out the cultural aspect of the study tour.

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