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Matt Capizzi, President

Matt loves creating and building things – improving the status quo is his passion. He views boundaries and obstacles as opportunities for inventive thinking and calculated risk-taking. Prior to Tepper, Matt spent 6 years at Life Technologies, a global leader in genomics, serving as both a Market Research Analyst and Product Manager. His areas of interest include: genomics, big data, fitness electronics, and contextual social networks. He will be spending the summer at Veracyte, a Kleiner Perkins-backed startup based in San Francisco. His current project, Cofoundry, a CMU-based startup, is building a social network for creative-minded students to pair their passions with the right people and projects to spur innovation. Matt is a James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellow and holds a BS in Economics from UC Santa Barbara.



Jason Cahill, VP of Operations

Jason Cahill is an execution driven network engineer with extensive experience building secure mobile networks for the federal government, major professional services companies, and enterprise customers. From tactical solutions built in Afghanistan, to software tools built to support Homeland Security, Jason has a diverse set of design skills. Building on his networking background, Mr. Cahill’s latest project, Impaqd,  is creating a platform connecting truckers and shippers in an enterprise mobile-app format. This platform will materially reduce the number of empty trucks and greatly increase the visibility shippers have into their cargo.
His passion is in taking existing problems, thinking of innovative and creative solutions, and then driving execution.

Email: jasoncah@tepper.cmu.ed


Neel Kishan, VP of Technology

Neel Kishan is a driven developer of innovative technology products and services. He is particularly passionate about solving some of the world’s most pressing problems with big data. At Tepper he is in the Management of Innovation and Product Development Track. He previously worked as a data scientist, creating cutting-edge technologies for explosives detection for a venture backed company outside of Boston. Neel earned a dual bachelors at Rice University in Bioengineering and Cognitive Sciences. He also earned a masters in Cognitive and Neural Systems at Boston University.

Email: nkishan@tepper.cmu.ed

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Tom Burke, VP of Finance

Tom spent over six years as a CPA in public accounting and consulting before coming to Tepper. His studies focus on early stage company strategy and finance. Currently, Tom serves as an advisor to two Pittsburgh area startups, Fossil Free Fuel and Emodt. In addition he works with CMU's Open Field Entrepreneur Fund, which provides seed funding for CMU alumni ventures.

Email: tburke@tepper.cmu.ed


Tanmay Sinha, VP of Career Opportunities

Tanmay Sinha is currently an MBA candidate at Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University focusing on strategy and entrepreneurial studies.
He is a software engineering graduate from School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and a veteran software professional with more than 5 years of experience in the industry. Before going back to business school, he was a Senior Software Engineer with Big Data group at IBM responsible for co-ordinating integration of IBM's portfolio of Big Data solutions.
His interests lies in using technology to improve access to education and exploring sustainable business models for social enterprises.



Moises Morgenstern, VP of Cross-Campus Collaboration

Moises Morgenstern is passionate about creating technological solutions that positively impact people’s lives and their daily needs. Moises is from Caracas, Venezuela and graduated from Universidad Simón Bolívar with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Prior to coming to Tepper, Moises worked in Mexico City, Mexico for two years as the Commercial Director for the Business Value Consulting group. He also has an entrepreneurial experience as the Co-Founder and CEO of Powerdot in Caracas, Venezuela. Moises is a James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Fellow and is pursuing concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Strategy.


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Archel G. Desir, VP of Cross-Campus Collaboration

Archel G. Desir is the Vice President of Cross-Campus Collaboration for the Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club. Personally interested in the life sciences and technology spaces, Archel merges his personal interests with his professional abilities to help commercialize varied CMU applied research projects. Unconventional in his approach to all things, he enjoys helping create new markets with disruptively innovative thought and action.

Archel also serves on the executive boards for the Tepper Sports Business Club and the Black Business Association while working as an Associate for the Open Field Entrepreneurship Fund. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Boston University and is now pursuing the Entrepreneurship Track with a focus on Finance and Strategy. Prior to attending Tepper, he worked as Fund Controller for New York based private equity firm, Reservoir Capital Group. Archel will be working with Pittsburgh based, Oakhill Equity, as a Summer Associate.


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Fares Nimri, VP Treks

A problem-solver by nature, Fares has an engineer’s mindset in transforming ideas into reality. Fares is a specialized generalist. He is a visual and communication designer as well as a website maker. He is a headhunter, a businessman and an entrepreneur. Guided by his values, Fares interacts with the dynamic nature around him in a way that achieves success for all parties involved. In 2014, Fares will graduate from Carnegie Mellon with an MBA degree. In his capacity as an EVC board member, he is leading the inspirational Silicon Valley annual trek.



Anes Dracic, VP of Treks

Prior to coming to the Tepper School of Business, Anes had worked at Crowley Maritime Corporation where he successfully developed and deployed SharePoint based solutions related to Safety, Security, Quality, and Environmental Services. At the Tepper school, Anes is focusing on quantitative analysis, marketing, and information systems while also pursuing the entrepreneurship track. To apply his learnings outside of school, Anes has been focusing on creating Instalyze, a data focused crowd engagement tool that will revolutionize the way people interact with their audience.



Sang Lee, VP of Education Technology

Sang Lee is the Vice President of Education Technology. His mission is to pursue his passion for education technology by collaborating with CMU education technology researchers and entrepreneurs who have and are currently in the space. Sang is a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to Tepper, he served in the U.S. Air Force for the past 10 years as a project/program manager, which included multiple deployments to the middle east. Sang hopes to lead a change in the world by making high quality education more accessible to everyone by leveraging technology and innovation.



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