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Marketing Bootcamp

The marketing bootcamp will give club members and potential club members an opportunity to learn about what MBA marketing is all about. The first session held during Mini 1 will provide an introduction to the club and its resources and the second session during Mini 2 will go deeper into what it takes to be a full-time marketer and will introduce club members to some of the roles and companies that seek Tepper MBA marketers.

Contact: Ramya Laxman –

Career Preparation Sessions

In collaboration with the other professional clubs, training will be available in August for developing answers to the most common interview questions, writing an effective cover letter, crafting an elevator pitch, and answering STAR story questions. This is targeted at students who will be attending conferences in the fall but will be the first opportunity to get substantial feedback and training for the upcoming internship search.

Contact: Kushal Kapoor –

Club Treks

One of the best ways to learn about a company and position is to visit, and we have several exciting opportunities to visit companies that recruit MBAs for marketing roles. Throughout the year there will be single-company and multi-company treks that will help first and second year students familiarize themselves with companies they plan to interview with.

Contact: Connie Chun –


Mentors will be available throughout the academic year for both first and second year students. Mentors will be assigned based on interest and expertise and will provide individual assistance on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and career guidance.

Contact: Jing Bao –

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