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James “Trai” Blanks, President

Trai is the President of the Soccer Club and also serves as the Consortium Liaison for Tepper. Prior to Tepper he worked for a boutique consultancy specializing in program management, business operations and change management. Trai graduated from the University of Michigan we a BS in Industrial & Operations Engineering. Trai is a 4-year varsity letter winner for soccer at the University of Michigan. Trai has played and coached at the semi-professional level.  Trai is an avid supporter of the U.S. national team and enjoys time away from Tepper with his wife, Kristen (partner board member of the wine club).



Diego Olivare, Finance

Diego is the Vice President of Finance of the Tepper Soccer Club. He also serves on the board the Latin American Business Club. Diego is from Mexico City, Mexico and graduated from Universidad Anáhuac Mexico Norte with a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science. Prior to coming to Tepper, he spent three years in the Customer Relationship Management within retail banking at Banamex (Citibank Mexico). At Tepper, Diego is pursuing concentrations in Strategy, Finance and Marketing.



Ina Labermeier, MBA Tournaments

Ina is originally from California and graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a BA in Environment, Economics and Politics. Prior to Tepper, she worked for the outdoor clothing company, Patagonia, in various roles, leader to her final position as store operations manager. At Tepper, Ina is pursuing concentrations in Operations Management, Marketing and Strategy and looks forward to helping companies adopt more sustainable business practices. In her spare time, Ina enjoys traveling, playing soccer and growing vegetables.



Claude Ogoe, Community Relations

Claude Ogoe’s passion for soccer started when he was seven years old. He’s been playing soccer since, and is an avid Chelsea FC fan. Claude graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Master of Science in Organic Chemistry. Prior to Tepper, Claude worked at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in the Cancer Drug Discovery and Early Development Group, and has three patents. Claude is pursuing the BioPharma and Healthcare track and a concentration in marketing, and strategy.



Greg Zorbus, Marketing

Greg Zorbas, VP of Marketing:  Greg Zorbas is focusing on operations and will be receiving a dual MBA/MSHCPM degree through the Heinz and Tepper schools. He studied Decision Science at Carnegie Mellon for his undergraduate major and is interested in the operations and management of health care organizations and systems. He has played soccer for 20 years and loves the game, but also enjoys Texas Hold’em, the automobile industry, all other sports (except ice hockey), Monopoly, cheese, and animals.



Tim Altman, Corporate Outreach

Tim Altman grew up in the Boston area and graduated with a degree in English from the University of California at Berkeley. After a brief stint as an audio engineer in the music business, Tim relocated to New York where he worked in television advertising post-production as a sound designer and composer. Tim's work was both creative and technical and eventually grew to managing and producing advertising content for broadcast television, feature films and the web, with clients including Viacom, NBC, and A&E. Tim is a triathlete, musician, soccer player, and photographer.



Lapah Mofor, Operations



Ade Odutayo, Operations



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