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MSCF Course Exemption

MSCF candidates may petition individual faculty members to exempt required courses. Students do not earn units or grade points for exemptions; the exemption grade is only recorded on the student's unofficial transcript as "E". An exemption is not recorded on the student's official transcript but will be counted toward the degree requirements. Students are expected, but not required, to substitute exempted courses with relevant CMU elective courses, if available. Students may exempt no more than 3 courses (18 units).

The granting of the exemption is at the discretion of individual faculty members who may require evidence of appropriate previous work or demonstration of competency in either a written or oral examination.

Exemptions need to be completed by the Add/Drop deadline for the Mini the course is offered. Students seeking an exemption should inform their professor well in advance of the Add/Drop date.

To exempt a course, bring the completed MSCF Course Exemption form with faculty signature, or an email from the faculty member in which they approve the exemption, to your academic advisor (Diffy Paljevic - New York campus; Jessica Bittel - Pittsburgh campus). Other courses may be taken in lieu of the exempted course if available and provided the course prerequisites are met. Non-MSCF courses taken in lieu of an exempted course will not count toward the MSCF degree.


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