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Printing in Pittsburgh

Located through out the building are several Xerox printers that are only for MBA & MSCF use. The following steps will walk you through the process of installing the Pharos public printer software/driver to your computer. You MUST have administrative rights to perform these procedures!

Install Queue Software (You only need to perform this once!)

Windows users

Step 1:
You will need to know whether your PC is a 32-bit or 64-bit OS. To find out if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, do the following:

  1. Open System by clicking the Start button , right-clicking Computer, and then clicking Properties.
  2. Under System, you can view the system type.
    • ​If your computer is running Windows XP, do the following:
    1. Click Start.
    2. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
  3. If you don't see "x64 Edition" listed, then you're running the 32-bit version of Windows XP.
    • If "x64 Edition" is listed under System, you're running the 64-bit version of Windows XP.

Step 2:
Installing Pharos on Windows

  1. The Pharos Print install package is located on the Educational Applications Server drive. You can find this document and the required PC print packages at this location. (Log in with your andrew_id & password.)
  2. Download the appropriate/corresponding executable file for your type of computer. (Windows 32 bit, Windows 64bit)
  3. Copy the executable file to your desktop --- DO NOT run the executable file from the server location.
  4. Double-click on the icon to run it.
  5. If one of the following warning messages appears, follow the appropriate steps for your operating system:
    • Windows 7: "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?" Click Yes.
    • Windows XP: "The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?" Click Run.
    • Windows Vista: "An unidentified program wants access to your computer." Click Allow.
  6. The installer window appears. Click Install to begin the installation process.
  7. The installation takes place. Depending on the OS that you are using, the process may take a few minutes; once it completes, click Finish. (It is suggested/recommended that you reboot your computer.) 

Apple Computer Users:

Step 1:
Download & install the software

  1. Tthe required Mac print packages are located at this location. (Log in with your andrew_id & password.)
  2. The PopUp install package is located on the Educational Applications Server. Download the file “” AND the generic print driver file ( to your desktop.
  3. Extract the files to the default location. Double-click the MacPackage.dmg file to open the package.
  4. Double-click on the Popup.pkg icon to run the installer. Through this process, you will be asked to authenticate and asked for a destination for the installation. When the installer completes, close the installer window.

Step 2: 
Add the Pharos printer on OSX

  1. Select the Apple menu > System Preferences.
  2. Depending on your operating system, select either Print & Fax or Print & Scan.
  3. Click the lock icon to make changes; an authentication window appears.
  4. Enter an Administrator level name and password, and then click OK.
  5. Click the + to add a new printer.
  6. Select Advanced.
    • Note: If Advanced doesn't appear, CTRL-click (right-click) the toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar... Drag Advanced to the Toolbar and click Done.
  7. Select the Advanced icon; it may take a few moments to display. Enter the following (depending upon the Mac OS version you have):
    • Type: Pharos Print Server
    • Device: Another Device
    • URL: popup://
    • Name: MBAprintQ
    • Location: leave “Blank”
    • Printing Using: Generic print driver or Generic PCL Laser Printer
      • Click the box to select Duplexer.
    • Click Continue.
  8. Click the lock icon to prevent changes and Close the Print & Fax or Print & Scan window.

Queue Your Print Job

Follow these steps to order your print job:
  1. In your application (e.g., MS Word; etc.), select Print as you normally would. The application's print dialog box appears.
  2. Select the printer queue that you want to print to --- MBAprintQ on MBAPRINT.
    • About the Queue: Your print job will be available for release at all public PC release stations. Double-sided (duplex) printing paper is supported. All print jobs expire, and will be deleted from the queue, after 24 hours.
    • If you receive an error regarding “No Permissions to Print Color”; Please set Printer Preferences for Black & White! Even if no error appears, be sure the Printer Preferences is set for Black & White. (You can select Black & White printing within the “Preferences/Properties” dialog of the print job.) (Saves Paper)
  3. A Print Job Details screen will appear.
  4. Complete the fields as follows:
    • Logon ID: (required) Type your Andrew ID username.
    • Job Password: (optional) For added security, you can enter a basic password for your print job. You will need to remember this password at the PC release station.
      • Do NOT use your Andrew password! You can leave this field “Blank”.
    • Job Name: (required) Do one of the following:
      • Enter a short/identifiable title. This job name will be present at the PC release station. Name the job the same as the document you are printing.
  5. Select Print.

Release Your Print Job

Follow these steps to release your print job from the printer PC release station:
  1. Visit the appropriate printer location: o If you selected the MBAprintQ queue, your print job will be available at ANY printer/PC release station location.
  2. At the release station, press the spacebar to wake it (if necessary).
  3. Enter your Andrew ID account in the spaces provided:
    • Logon ID = Andrew ID account Username
    • Password = Andrew ID account Password
  4. Locate your named job on the screen and highlight it to select it.
    • Note: look at the bottom left corner of the release station screen to verify that the job was printed to the appropriate printer.
  5. If you entered a password for the job at your PC, a password dialog box is displayed; enter the same password to release the job.
  6. When finished, select Logoff to exit the queue.

Printer Locations at Tepper

Master Lounge

Room 3 (Basement Of GSIA Building)

Room 39

Room 147

Room 144 (outside Cooper & Simon)

3rd Floor Posner


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