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Women Academy final

Bottom Line Results

Relevant and Applicable Results for Participants

  • Diagnose problems, make effective decisions, influence and motivate others
  • Contribute positively to the culture and economic success of their organization
  • Obtain the resources necessary to realize their potential
  • Identify and leverage connections essential to getting the job done
  • Negotiate conditions for optimal results for themselves and their company
  • Demonstrate confidence under pressure
  • Reduce organizational conflict and eliminate barriers to effective negotiation
  • Articulate individual professional goals and how to meet them
  • Communicate clearly, command attention and convey authority
  • Develop an authentic, winning personal brand
  • Earn a certificate from Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business


"Game-changing!" That is how I would describe my experience at the Academy for Women.

- Vice President Total Rewards, Highmark, Inc.


Positive Results for Organizations

  • Retain and develop female employees, reduce attrition costs and productivity losses
  • Attract top female talent for competitive advantage
  • Strengthen their pipeline to female clients, potential customers and stakeholders
  • Increase productivity when teams work well together
  • Enable women to help achieve strategic goals by negotiating key initiatives
  • Become branded as organizations committed to investing in diverse leadership


“An incredibly impressive part of the Academy experience is the group of experts who speak to us on leadership and negotiation. In each week of information exchange, I’ve been able to explore ways to leverage their collective expertise and bring that back to PNC to benefit a much broader group of people."  

- Managing Director, Debt Capital Markets at PNC Bank

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