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Understanding and Marketing to Millennials


Dates:  June 12-13, 2014

Location:  Carnegie Mellon University
Tepper School of Business
Executive Education Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Fee: $2,400

Marketers require greater understanding and deeper insights into Millennials than comparisons with previous generations. Certainly not all millennials are alike, but what segments exist among millennials? What are key differences in the Millennial segments?

Through the program’s active learning experience, you will obtain a detailed look at the segmentation study from Carnegie Mellon’s Integrated Innovation Institute, discover the segments defined based on values and purchase behaviors, and formulate marketing plans for your specific Millennial segments of interest. Offered in partnership with the Integrated Innovation Institute.

Program Overview

Despite the prevalent generalizations and observations of the Millennial’s behavior, typically focused on how they differ from previous generations, there is not much clarity about how Millennials differ from one another.

To identify and understand consumer segments within the Millennial generation, Carnegie Mellon’s Integrated Innovation Institute conducted a survey of U.S. Millennials spanning economic brackets, racial demographics, and all 50 states. The results yield insights on Millennial segments, how they differ in purchase behavior and motivations, offering participants a powerful tool to help their companies gain a lucid understanding of their youngest consumers.   

Key objectives:
  • What do millennials value in terms of how they spend their resources?
  • What experiences do they seek?
  • What are their spending habits and interests?
  • How do millennial values and purchase behaviors vary by customer segment?
  • How does your company know which segment to target?
  • What experiences and product/service features will engage each segment?


Understanding and Marketing to Millennials, jointly offered by Tepper School of Business Executive Education and Carnegie Mellon's Integrated Innovation Institute is intended for:

Marketing professionals from a broad variety of branded product and service firms:

  • Brand and category managers
  • New product development managers
  • Marketing Communications managers
  • PR managers
  • Market Research managers
  • CRM managers

Advertising and PR Professionals:

  • Media/New Media planners
  • Social/Mobile Platform managers
  • Creative directors
  • Senior writers

Market Research and Consulting firms:

  • Senior consultants, directors
  • Senior analysts and managers

Human Resources and Recruiting professionals:

  • This program is “tuned” for marketing and related professionals, but the insights from this study of millennials may also add value to your efforts to engage with this population.


Terms & Conditions

Fee: The program fee of $2,400 per person covers tuition, course materials, and most meals. Companies sending three or more participants, organizations with fewer than 500 employees, non-profits, and the government sector receive a 10% discount.

Accommodation: Rooms have been reserved at special seminar rates at a local hotel. Logistic details will be communicated to participants after registration. Cost of accommodation is not included in the program fee.

Cancellation policy: For cancellations received more than four weeks before the program, the program fee will be fully refunded, less a $300 administrative fee. For cancellations received 14 to 27 days before the program, a 35% refund will be provided. For cancellations received less than 14 days before the program, no refunds will be given. Feasible substitutions may be an option at the discretion of the Tepper School of Business.


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