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Date: May 27 – June 19, 2014; May 26 – June 18, 2015

Location: Carnegie Bosch Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Fee: $35,900 (2014); TBD (2015)

Companies sending three or more participants, organizations with fewer than 500 employees, non-profits, and the government sector receive a 10% discount.

For questions, please contact Debi Dobransky-Fasiska, Director of Executive Programs, at +1-412-268-5178 or


Today’s global economy and increasingly complex world require organizations and their leaders to develop the specific skills to anticipate, adjust, and adapt to this rapidly changing business landscape. The Global Leadership Executive Forum is Carnegie Bosch Institute’s demanding flagship program, enabling participants to make a greater impact on the success of their multinational companies. The program was the recipient of a 2014 Top 10 Leadership 500 Excellence Award from, given for exemplary leadership development programs. Read more about the award here.
The program is specifically designed to provide international managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively lead in a global business environment.
Led by world-class faculty from around the globe, the intensive four-week program integrates three focus areas in an international context: 
  • Managing the Business
  • Managing Yourself
  • Managing and Leading Others
The program addresses key issues of strategy, business, and leadership. By learning and working together with peers from other functional areas, industries, and cultures, participants gain different perspectives of topics with broad economic and international scope.
Learning occurs in a highly interactive setting that incorporates thought-provoking lectures, case studies, small group workshops, computer-based simulations, and innovative project work with real-life business partners. The program provides a transformational learning experience. Participants will test their individual assumptions, gaining new ways of thinking about global markets, strategy, value creation, and leadership. Personal growth is an important element of the program, with 360 degree feedback, several assessment tools, and professional coaching integrated into the curriculum.
Emphasis throughout the Global Leadership Executive Forum is on shifting the learning from classroom concept to relevant application in the real world.

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