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In the Classroom

Entrepreneurship is the engine of economic growth - it drives change and innovation around the world. Studying entrepreneurship gives students far more than the tools necessary to start a business; it spurs students' development as leaders and innovators in whatever field they choose. The Donald H. Jones Center's graduate entrepreneurship courses and undergraduate entrepreneurship courses teach students to think like an entrepreneur, solve problems and create solutions.

Students who study entrepreneurship can satisfy their entrepreneurial drive in many ways: starting a venture, joining an emerging company, bringing an entrepreneurial perspective to corporations or acquiring a business right after graduation. Other opportunities are found in the venture capital/private equity industry, consulting sector, and especially through social and "CleanTech" entrepreneurial endeavors.

In sync with Carnegie Mellon's interdisciplinary strengths, Entrepreneurship MBA students collaborate closely with the entrepreneurship faculty, researchers and other students within our top-ranked engineering, fine arts, computer science, robotics and design schools. Non-MBA graduate students who want to take entrepreneurship courses can also pursue this option at Carnegie Mellon.

Students motivated to be agents of change, to drive growth and innovate in organizations of all sizes can learn these skills by studying entrepreneurship.

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