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Student Experience

We often talk about the importance of our student community…and it’s not hype. We genuinely believe in the advantages of a small class where

  • the faculty and students know one another
  • students enjoy the benefits of intense learning
  • networking is not just an option, it's a way of life
  • close friendships last a lifetime

Collaboration vs. Competition

We don’t buy into the whole dog-eat-dog thing, and we don't think our students should either. At the Tepper School, there is no misplaced focus on self-reliance and student rivalries. Competition for the sake of winning doesn’t exist. Rather, the collective strength of smart, team-minded leaders who are focused on innovation and transformation is the defining characteristic of our student experience.

Tepper Mavericks

Dean Dammon often refers to the ideal student as a “maverick,” somebody who isn’t afraid of risk and uncharted territory. The Tepper School’s environment encourages maverick thinking because it’s comprised of students who understand that their energy is focused on a higher purpose. We don’t ask, “what have you done for business.” We want to know what you have done for the world.


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