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Rankings & Reputation

Rankings can be a helpful way to compare programs and highlight various opinions by students and recruiters.

The Tepper School is among the more than 100+ business schools ranked by U.S. and international rankings organizations, and we are pleased to be ranked in the Top 20 of all full-time global MBA rankings and #3 (in the U.S.) and #1 (in the mid-Atlantic) in the Bloomberg Businessweek part-time MBA rankings.

Bloomberg Businessweek Rankings - 2012 (biennial survey)

#11 Full-Time MBA - Overall National Ranking 2012 Biennial Survey
#3   Part-Time MBA - Overall National Ranking 2011 Biennial Survey
#3 - Student Satisfaction
#3 - Best Career Services
#5 - Best Professors

U.S. News & World Report - 2013 (Graduate)

#2   Top School - Information Systems
#4   Top School - Production/Operations Management
#8   Top School - Supply Chain/Logistics
#12 Top School - Part-Time MBA
#18 Top School - Finance
#18 Graduate Business School (MBA)

We do, however, emphasize to prospective students that, just as there is not one “typical” MBA student, there is no single “best” MBA program. It is important to do your homework. Given the significant investment of time and money, an MBA program should be evaluated on important criteria related to:

  • Caliber of the faculty
  • Breadth and depth of curricula
  • Career aspirations
  • Expectations of student life
  • Size/classroom experience
  • Active, involved alumni network.


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