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FlexMBA Curriculum

Tepper FlexMBA students complete the same coursework, in classes led by the same professors, on a path to fulfilling the same graduation requirements as our on-campus, full-time MBA students. That is one feature that sets FlexMBA students apart: one Tepper MBA delivered in a part-time flexible format featuring online MBA courses and on-site instruction.

We recognize the needs of working students and have developed an online course flow that allows you to make an immediate difference on the job. Employers consistently rate Tepper MBAs as exceptional hires because our graduates’ analytical and leadership skills make an immediate impact for companies, and you will have many opportunities to leverage the transfer of knowledge into the workplace.

World-Class Curriculum / Personal Flexibility

Incoming FlexMBAs will experience our newly developed MBA Curriculum that strengthens students’ career preparation through:

  • Enhanced course integration and business application
  • Experiential coursework that advances leadership and communications skills
  • Real-time application of coursework, management principles to your job

The technology platform for your distance learning experience has been designed in partnership with Carnegie Mellon’s technology team. As the top-ranked university for technology innovation, Carnegie Mellon’s reputation for cutting-edge online innovation another advantage offered to Tepper FlexMBA students.


Flexible learning delivers real-time results

Our part-time online MBA courses allow you to immediately apply your learning on the job. Location is no longer a roadblock to success.


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