Jeffrey  Galak

Associate Professor of Marketing



Areas of Expertise



New York University - Ph D - 2009
New York University - MA (Philosophy) - 2008
New York University - BS - 2005


  • How Perceptions of Temporal Distance Influence Satiation

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Joseph Redden, Yang Yang, Ellie Kyung) Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 52, 2014; 118-123

  • Slow Down! Insensitivity to Rate of Consumption Leads to Avoidable Satiation

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Justin Kruger, George Loewenstein) Journal of Consumer Research 39, 2013; 993-1009

  • The Subjective Sense of Feeling Satiated: The Role of Metacognitions in the Construction of Satiation

    (author(s): Joseph Redden, Jeffrey Galak) Journal Of Experimental Psychology-General 142, 2013; 209-217

  • The effects of Traditional and Social Earned Media on Sales: An Application to a Microlending Marketplace

    (author(s): Andrew Stephen, Jeffrey Galak) Journal of Marketing Research 49, 2012; 624-639

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  • Love it Longer: Sentimental Value Slows Hedonic Adaptation

    (author(s): Yang Yang, Jeffrey Galak)

  • Mitigation of Wear-Out Effects in Persuasive Appeals

    (author(s): Daniella Kupor, Jeffrey Galak, Zak Tormala)

  • Predicting the longevity of music

    (author(s): Jeffrey Galak, Karim Kassam, Joseph Redden)

  • The Loneliness of Taking the Lesser of Two Evils: When Decision Valence Influences Consensus Estimation

    (author(s): Leif Nelson, Joseph Simmons, Jeffrey Galak)

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Awards and Honors

American Marketing Association - DocSIG Top 50 Marketing Faculty List (based on productivity in 2009-2013) (2013)
Journal of Marketing Research - Finalist for 2012 Paul E. Green Award (2013)
Marketing Science Institute - Selected to attend MSI Young Scholar Conference (2013)
Association for Consumer Research - Runner up JCR Paper of the Year - 2009 (2012)
CMU - Junior Faculty Giving Chair (2011)
CMU - BP Junior Faculty Chair (2010)
NYU - Herman E. Krooss Award For Distinction and Presentation of an Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation (2009)
AMA Sheth Foundation - AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow. (2008)
Max Plank Institute on Bounded Rationality - Summer Institute on Bounded Rationality in Psychology and Economics – 2nd Place Poster Award: “Complexity is Good: When Disfluent Communication Signals Author Erudition” Galak, Jeff and Leif D. Nelson. (2008)
Society for Personality and Social Psychology - 2nd Annual Judgment and Decision Making Pre-Conference (at SPSP) Travel Award. (2007)
Society for Judgment and Decision Making - Society for Judgment and Decision Making– Best Student Poster Award. “Complexity is Good: When Disfluent Communication Signals Author Erudition” Galak, Jeff and Leif D. Nelson. (2006)
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Professional Activities

Conference-Related, JDM Pre-Conference at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Co-Organizer
Board of Directors of a Company, Westmorland Advanced Materials
Board of Directors of a Company, Neuros Medical , (Board Observer)
Board of Directors of a Company, Jewish Community Center of Allegheny County, Non-Profit


  • Marketing Research (45830)
    2014 Mini 4 Section: A, E
    2013 Mini 3 Section: E
    2013 Mini 4 Section: A
    2013 Section: A
  • Marketing (70381)
    2011 Section: A, B
    2010 Section: A, B
    2009 Section: A, B
  • Behavioral Research on the WEB (47751)
    2011 Mini 2 Section: A
    2009 Mini 2 Section: A

Jeffrey Galak