Oliver  Hahl

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Strategy



Areas of Expertise

Organizational Behavior and Theory


Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sloan School of Management - Ph D (Management) - 2013
Yale University - School of Management - MBA - 2008
University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School - BS (Economics) - 2002

Teaching and Research Interests

My research interests revolve around how audience perceptions of organizations and individuals influence behavior in markets. I am particularly interested in understanding how perceptions of success constrain behavior. Related topics include: status, authenticity, impression management. I do research in the sports, food, and health industries.


  • Buy Term and Invest the Difference Revisited

    (author(s): David Babbel, Oliver Hahl) Journal of Financial Service Professionals

  • The Denigration of Heroes? Effects of the Status Attainment Process on Attributions of Considerateness and Authenticity

    (author(s): Oliver Hahl, Ezra Zuckerman) American Journal of Sociology, Forthcoming


  • Managing Impressions with Authentic Culture: Why High-Status Actors Consume Low-Status Objects

    (author(s): Oliver Hahl, Ezra Zuckerman, Minjae Kim)

  • May I Deviate, Please? Firm Status and The Efficacy of Assertive Versus Deferential Anticipatory Impression Management

    (author(s): Oliver Hahl, Renee Gosline)

  • Turning Back the Clock in Baseball: The Increased Prominence of Rewards and Demand for Authenticity

  • Knowledge Asymmetry and Disintermediation in Brokerage: Linking Network Perception to Structural Holes and Performance

    (author(s): Oliver Hahl, Aleksandra "Olenka" Kacperczyk, Jason Davis)


    2014 Section: A, B

Oliver Hahl