Param  Vir Singh

Carnegie Bosch Associate Professor of Business Technologies




POS - Posner Hall - Room 374


Business Technologies


University of Washington - MS - 2008
University of Washington - Ph D - 2008


Social Media Social Networks Structural Modeling Enterprise 2.0 Economics of IS


  • How Much Is An Image Worth? An Empirical Analysis of Property’s Image Aesthetic Quality on Demand at AirBNB

    (author(s): Shunyuan Zhang, Dokyun Lee, Param Singh, Kannan Srinivasan) International Conference on Information Systems, 2016

  • Professional versus Amateur Images: Investigating Differential Impact on Airbnb Property Demand

    (author(s): Shunyuan Zhang, Dokyun Lee, Param Singh, Kannan Srinivasan) Conference on Information Systems and Technology, 2016

  • Is Core-Periphery Network Good for Knowledge Sharing? A Structural Model of Network Formation on a Crowdsourced Customer Support Forum

    (author(s): Yingda Lu, Param Singh, Baohong Sun) Management Information Systems Quarterly

  • Forgotten Third Parties: Analyzing the Contingent Association between Unshared Third Parties, Knowledge Overlap and Knowledge Transfer Relationships with Outsiders

    (author(s): Ray Reagans, Param Singh, Ramayya Krishnan) Organization Science 26(5), 2015; 1400-1414

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  • Image Feature Extraction and Demand Estimation on Airbnb: A Deep Learning Approach.

    (author(s): Shunyuan Zhang, Dokyun Lee, Param Singh, Kannan Srinivasan) Workshop on Information Systems and Economics, 2016

  • Jack of All, Master of Some: The Contingent Effect of Knowledge Breadth on Innovation

    (author(s): Elina Hwang, Param Singh, Linda Argote) Information Systems Research

  • A Structural Analysis of the Role of Superstars in Crowdsourcing Contests

    (author(s): Shunyuan Zhang, Param Singh, Anindya Ghose) Management Science

  • Copycats versus Original Mobile Apps: A Machine Learning Detection Method and Empirical Analysis

    (author(s): Quan Wang, Beibei Li, Param Singh) Information Systems Research

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  • Tepper School of Business, CMU - Carnegie Bosch Junior Chair (2015)
  • Informs ISS - The Sandy Slaughter Early Career Award (2015)
  • Tepper School of Business, CMU - Carnegie Bosch Junior Chair (2012)
  • Information Systems Research - Information Systems Research Best Published Paper Runner Up Award 2012 (2012)
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  • PhD Affairs Committee Member, Committee Member, Representative of the Business Technology group in the PhD committee (2014 - )
  • University non-tenure committee, Committee Member, Tepper representative for university level non-tenure committee (2013 - 2016)
  • Masters Educational Affairs Committee (MEAC), Committee Member (2012 - 2016)
  • Business Analytics Faculty Search Committee, Committee Member, Analyze applicants by reading their research papers, attending their talks and meeting them. (2014 - 2015)
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  • Associate Editor, Management Science (2015 -)
  • Associate Editor, Ad hoc Associate Editor, Information Systems Research (January 2013 -)
  • Workshop Organizer, Co-chair for the Conference, Conference of Information Systems and Technology (2012 -)
  • Associate Editor, International Conference of Information Systems (2012 -)
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  • Dgtl Mktg Scl Md Stg (70443)
    2016 Section: A
  • Info Tchngy Finance (70339)
    2016 Section: A
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy (45882)
    2016 Mini 4 Section: A
    2015 Mini 4 Section: A
    2014 Mini 4 Section: A
    2013 Mini 3 Section: E
    2013 Mini 4 Section: A
  • Seminar in Information Systems II (47952)
    2015 Mini 2 Section: A
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Param  Singh