Taya R. Cohen

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory



Areas of Expertise

Organizational Behavior and Theory


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Ph D (Social Psychology) - 2008
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - MA (Social Psychology) - 2005
Pennsylvania State University - BA (Psychology) - 2002

Teaching and Research Interests

Negotiation; Conflict Management; Counterproductive work behavior; Morality & Ethics; Personality; Intergroup Relations;


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  • Measuring guilt proneness in applied settings with the five-item guilt proneness scale (GP-5)

    (author(s): Taya Cohen, Yeonjeong Kim, Kenyon Jordan, A. Panter)

  • The reciprocal relationship between mistreatment and counterproductive work behavior: A twelve-wave longitudinal study.

    (author(s): Yeonjeong Kim, Taya Cohen, A. Panter)

Awards and Honors

Tepper School of Business - Finalist for the George Leland Bach Excellence in Teaching Award (2014)
Tepper School of Business - Finalist for the Lave-Weil Best Paper Prize at the Tepper School of Business for the best paper on problem solving, in contrast to theorem proving (2013)
International Society for Self & Identity - Best Paper of the Year in Self & Idenity (2009)

University Service

Center for Behavioral & Decision Research, Program Coordinator, Co-director / Steering committee member, (2014 - )
Institutional Review Board, Committee Member, (2011 - )


American Association for Physician Leadership (August 2013)

Professional Activities

Officer, Other Officer, Representative-at-Large (Board Member), International Association for Conflict Management (2014 - 2016)
Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Interpersonal Relations and Group Processes section (2012 - 2015)
Editorial Review Board Member, Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin (2013 - 2014)


  • Negotiations (45840)
    2014 Mini 3 Section: A, B
    2013 Mini 1 Section: A, E
    2013 Mini 5 Section: E
    2013 Mini 3 Section: B
  • Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences (47894)
    2013 Mini 3 Section: A
    2011 Mini 2 Section: A

Taya Cohen