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    • Balas

      Balas, Egon

      University Professor of Industrial Administration and Applied Mathematics, The Thomas Lord Professor of Operations Research

    • Baybars

      Baybars, Ilker

      Deputy Dean Emeritus; George Leland Bach Chair; Professor of Operations Management; Dean and CEO, Carnegie Mellon-Qatar

    • Beenen

      Beenen, Gerard

      Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory

    • Bird

      Bird, Andrew

      Assistant Professor of Accounting

    • Blattberg

      Blattberg, Robert

      Timothy W. McGuire Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing; Executive Director, Center for Marketing Technology and Information

    • Boatwright

      Boatwright, Peter

      Carnegie Bosch Professor of Marketing; Co-Director, Integrated Innovation Institute

    • Bollinger

      Bollinger, Stephen

      Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

    • Boni

      Boni, Arthur A.

      The John R. Thorne Distinguished Career Professor of Entrepreneurship

    • Boranbay-Akan

      Boranbay-Akan, Serra

      Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

    • Bourne

      Bourne, David

      Trends and Future of Manufacturing in USA

    • Bryant

      Bryant, Richard

      Executive Director, MSCF Program; Adjunct Professor of Business

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