Faculty Profiles

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    • Calabrese

      Calabrese, Stephen

      Visiting Associate Professor of Economics, Carnegie Mellon - Qatar

    • Caric

      Caric, Leonard

      Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

    • Childers

      Childers, David

      Assistant Professor of Economics

    • Cho

      Cho, Soo-Haeng

      Associate Professor of Operations Management

    • Chow

      Chow, Rosalind M.

      Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory

    • Clay

      Clay, Karen

      Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Heinz College, and by Courtesy, Tepper School of Business

    • Cofield

      Cofield, Milton L.

      Distinguished Service Professor of Business Management

    • Cohen

      Cohen, Taya R.

      Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory; Carnegie Bosch Junior Faculty Chair

    • Corder

      Corder, Lloyd

      Adjunct Professor of Marketing

    • Cornuéjols

      Cornuéjols, Gérard P.

      IBM University Professor of Operations Research

    • Corona

      Corona, Carlos

      Assistant Professor of Accounting

    • Courtright

      Courtright, William

      Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

    • Cunningham

      Cunningham, Tim

      Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

    • Cynkar

      Cynkar, Christopher

      Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

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    • Daley

      Daley, Robert D.

      Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

    • Dammon

      Dammon, Robert M.

      Professor of Financial Economics; Dean

    • Deems

      Deems, Julia

      Assistant Teaching Professor of Business Management Communication

    • Delasay

      Delasay, Mohammad

      Visiting Assistant Professor of Operations Management

    • Demmler

      Demmler, L. Frank

      Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

    • Derdenger

      Derdenger, Timothy P.

      Assistant Professor of Marketing and Strategy

    • Dillon

      Dillon, Rob

      Adjunct Professor of Graphics Communication

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