Faculty Profiles

  • H

    • Hitch

      Hitch, Geoffrey

      Assistant Teaching Professor of Acting and Business Communications

    • Hollifield

      Hollifield, Burton

      PNC Professor of Finance; Professor of Financial Economics

    • Hooker

      Hooker, John

      T. Jerome Holleran Professor of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility; Professor of Operations Research

    • Hornack

      Hornack, Joseph

      Adjunct Professor of Law

    • Huang

      Huang, Guofang

      Assistant Professor of Marketing

    • Hyder

      Hyder, Elaine

      Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory

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    • Ijiri

      Ijiri, Yuji

      R.M. Trueblood University Professor of Accounting and Economics Emeritus

    • Imam

      Imam, Razi

      Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

    • Incekara

      Incekara, Elif

      Adjunct Assistant Professor of Economics

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    • Jones

      Jones, Harris

      Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

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    • Kadane

      Kadane, Joseph B.

      Leonard J. Savage University Professor of Statistics and Social Sciences Emeritus

    • Kang

      Kang, Karam

      Assistant Professor of Economics

    • Karolyi

      Karolyi, Stephen A.

      Assistant Professor of Finance and Accounting

    • Kekre

      Kekre, Sunder

      Bosch Professor of Operations Management; Director, PNC Center for Financial Services Innovation

    • Kelley

      Kelley, Robert

      Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory

    • Kesten

      Kesten, Onur

      Associate Professor of Economics

    • Kilinc-Karzan

      Kilinc-Karzan, Fatma

      Assistant Professor of Operations Research; BP Junior Faculty Chair, AY 2014-2015

    • Kim

      Kim, Tae Wan

      Assistant Professor of Business Ethics

    • Kirkpatrick

      Kirkpatrick, Claudia A.

      Associate Teaching Professor of Business Management Communication

    • Krackhardt

      Krackhardt, David

      Professor of Organizations, H. John Heinz III College, and Joint Appointment at Tepper School of Business

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