Faculty Profiles

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    • Montgomery

      Montgomery, Alan

      Associate Professor of Marketing

    • Mukhopadhyay

      Mukhopadhyay, Tridas

      Deloitte Consulting Professor of e-Business; Professor of Business Technologies

    • Murphy

      Murphy, Melissa

      Adjunct Professor of Marketing

    • Myers

      Myers, Mildred S.

      Teaching Professor of Business Management Communication Emerita

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    • O'Brien

      O'Brien, John R.

      Associate Professor of Accounting and Experimental Economics

    • Olivola

      Olivola, Christopher Y.

      Assistant Professor of Marketing

    • Osambela

      Osambela, Emilio

      Assistant Professor of Finance

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    • Paulisick

      Paulisick, Adam

      Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

    • Peña

      Peña, Javier F.

      Bajaj Family Chair in Operations Research

    • Pierce

      Pierce, Evelyn M.

      Associate Teaching Professor of Business Management Communication

    • Placone

      Placone, Ronald J.

      Assistant Teaching Professor of Business Communication; Faculty Lead, Accelerate Leadership Center

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    • Ramirez

      Ramirez, David

      Adjunct Professor of Business Management

    • Ravi

      Ravi, R.

      Andris A. Zoltners Professor of Business; Rohet Tolani Distinguished Professor; Professor of Operations Research and Computer Science

    • Roberts

      Roberts, James

      Adjunct Professor of Law

    • Roehrig

      Roehrig, Stephen F.

      Teaching Professor of Information Systems, Heinz College, and by Courtesy, Tepper School of Business

    • Roman

      Roman, Peter

      Adjunct Professor of Marketing

    • Rousseau

      Rousseau, Denise M.

      H. J. Heinz II University Professor of Organizational Behavior and Public Policy, Heinz College and Joint Appointment at Tepper School of Business

    • Routledge

      Routledge, Bryan R.

      Associate Professor of Finance

    • Ruchti

      Ruchti, Thomas G.

      Assistant Professor of Accounting

    • Rudman

      Rudman, Joseph

      Adjunct Professor of Business Communications

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