Operations Management

Operations Management examines the design of systems for production and provision of goods and services. Research and study at the Tepper School include supply chain management, revenue management, sustainability, operations strategy, energy, healthcare, innovation, and the interaction of operations within areas such as marketing, accounting, finance, information systems, computer science, and engineering.

    • Mustafa Akan

      Akan, Mustafa

      Associate Professor of Operations Management

      Email: akan@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-8403

    • Ilker Baybars

      Baybars, Ilker

      Deputy Dean Emeritus; George Leland Bach Chair; Professor of Operations Management; Dean and CEO, Carnegie Mellon-Qatar

      Email: baybars@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-2271

    • Soo-Haeng Cho

      Cho, Soo-Haeng

      Associate Professor of Operations Management

      Email: soohaeng@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-5744

    • Mohammad Delasay

      Delasay, Mohammad

      Visiting Assistant Professor of Operations Management

      Email: delasays@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-4430

    • Sunder Kekre

      Kekre, Sunder

      Vasantrao Shrinivas Dempo Reflective Chair Professor; Professor of Operations Management; Director, PNC Center for Financial Services Innovation

      Email: skekre@cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-3586

    • Sham Kekre

      Kekre, Sham

      Distinguished Service Professor of Operations Managment

      Email: kekresh@andrew.cmu.edu

    • Alan  Scheller-Wolf

      Scheller-Wolf, Alan Andrew

      Richard M. Cyert Professor of Operations Management; Head, Ph.D. Program

      Email: awolf@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-5066

    • Nicola Secomandi

      Secomandi, Nicola

      Professor of Operations Management

      Email: ns7@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-9596

    • Valerie Tardif

      Tardif, Valerie

      Adjunct Professor of Operations Management

      Email: vtardif@andrew.cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-4177

    • Sridhar Tayur

      Tayur, Sridhar R.

      Ford Distinguished Research Chair; Professor of Operations Management

      Email: stayur@cmu.edu

      Phone: 412-268-3584

    • Joseph Xu

      Xu, Joseph

      Instructor of Operations Management

      Email: jiaqixu@andrew.cmu.edu