Carnegie Bosch Research Awards

The Carnegie Bosch Institute announces its first call for research and seed grant proposals.

Available Grants

Mid-sized Project Grants

1 - 2 Awards: $30,000 - $50,000

Small Project Grant or Seed Funding

Up to 5 Awards: $2,000 - $10,000


All applications must be submitted by April 15, 2015.

STEP 1: Complete the online application.

STEP 2: Complete the proposal template. Merge proposal template with current CV and statement of relevant experience and/or recommendation letter from head of department. Email one merged PDF document to

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Positioned at the unique intersection between academia and industry, the Carnegie Bosch Institute (CBI) is committed to improving international management and its impact on leadership by advancing the understanding of both managers and researchers of fundamental issues related to global business. CBI's research mission is to stimulate relevant scientific research in international management. To put our mission to work, the CBI Research Award program aims to identify and support cutting edge research and outstanding Carnegie Mellon faculty in fields relevant to our research agenda.

The Carnegie Bosch Institute announces its first call for research and seed grant proposals. While CBI supports a wide research agenda in the field of international management, we are at this time particularly interested in proposals related to:

  1. Innovation and entrepreneurship, including: methods relevant for fostering new business in international companies and global markets, and leveraging internal/external networks for innovation
  2. Research that contributes to the development of tangible tools an international enterprise and global managers/leaders can utilize in their daily practice in order to improve their business.

Research proposals should address applied implications for international management. Our definition of international management includes the following key elements: management of multinational companies, operating in the context of international markets across a wide range of cultural, political and economic settings - i.e. what makes international management international includes scale, uncertainty, and complexity of managing a business across the world, and extending operations into diverse cultures.

The president of CBI will make the final selection of the grants after receiving individual advice and rankings from the CBI Research Committee faculty/chaired professors and industry representatives. Learn more about the review process.

Please carefully read the instructions before applying.