Seminars and Conferences

Pittsburgh at twilight
    • Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference

      The Carnegie-Rochester Conference on Public Policy was created in the early '70s to stimulate research and collaboration. Held semiannually, the conference focuses on a single theme for presentations and papers.

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    • Advances in Macro Finance

      The Advances in Macro-Finance Conference, jointly sponsored by the Tepper School and the Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance at the University of Santa Barbara, brings together scholars working at the intersection of Macroeconomics and Finance.
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    • Accounting Mini-Conference

      The Carnegie Mellon Accounting Mini-Conference is a premier gathering of scholars from accounting and other related fields who share insights from a uniquely interdisciplinary approach designed to expand the boundaries of accounting research.

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    • Faculty Seminars

      This database includes academic seminars, which cover a wide range of disciplines, and are sponsored by several higher education institutions in Pittsburgh, including Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.
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