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Hong Kong-China Study Abroad Capstone

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Capstone, Required

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Asia Study Abroad

Asia Study Abroad is a four week experience that takes place in Spring 2014 Mini 4.

The program runs for four weeks beginning Monday March 17, 2014.  During this time students will be in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.  The partner school in Hong Kong is The Chinese University of Hong Kong, CUHK Business School. Classes will be held Monday through Thursday with class content covering subjects such as Sino-Us Taxation Comparison, Multinational Companies in China and Supply Chain Management in China.


The cost is $4,000 which includes lodging, all ground transportation and approximately 40% of the daily meals within the scope of the four week program.  This is above and beyond your Tepper tuition.  It does not include airfare, personal expenditures or extended travel outside of the Study Abroad program.


In Mini 3 there will be a required 6 unit prep course.  All students will be required to return to Tepper for a project presentation to complete the course.

All deposits and monies for this capstone is Non Refundable.


Lecture: 100min/wk and Recitation: 50min/wk