Advanced Analytics Operations Optimization Certificate

Lead your organization to greater heights of efficiency and effectiveness with advanced quantitative analytic skills.

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DATES: Four course modules March - May 2017 (3 online modules, 1 onsite module)

LOCATIONS: A hybrid live online/onsite program

The onsite module will be held at:

Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business
Executive Education
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Propel your strategic decision-making, leadership and operations performance.

As an experienced operations manager, you understand that superior analytic capability spells competitive advantage – and success. Carnegie Mellon’s Advanced Analytics Certificate for Operations Optimization uniquely features top-ranked Tepper School of Business professors and a practical application project with the guidance of a project coach. 

Throughout the onsite and online program, participants apply advanced analytics models to challenges from their own organizations to generate real-time solutions and successful implementation.

Willem-Jan van Hoeve, Associate Professor of Operations Research highlights the key take aways for participants of the Advanced Analytics Certificate in Operations Optimization. Watch the video.

  • Program Overview

    Today’s increasingly complex and aggressive market and supply environment demands advanced analytic proficiency just to keep pace. Recent years have ushered in unprecedented technological advances and an explosion of data, both gathered and stored. As more sophisticated analytical techniques make it possible to harness the power of data for better decision making, business leaders increasingly need a deeper understanding of how analytics impact business results. The Advanced Analytics Certificate for Operations Optimization will take you to cutting-edge effectiveness through sharp focus on analytics and leadership within a unique live online / onsite format.

    Through interactive lectures by leading faculty and guest experts, personal coaching, case study and more, the Advanced Analytics Certificate program will boost both your quantitative analytic and managerial leadership skills, allowing you to lead your organization to greater heights of efficiency and effectiveness. And with a Carnegie Mellon certificate representing your professional accomplishment, you’ll be recognized as having a higher level of managerial competency ready to increase your impact.

    Key Objectives

    • Build superior analytic and managerial capabilities for enhanced planning, strategic decision-making and organizational performance.
    • Directly apply newly-acquired skills to real time organizational challenges with the support of a Project Coach.
    • Master the latest, state-of-the-art analytic tools and techniques to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.
    • Differentiate yourself professionally with a Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business Certificate.

    Optimization Project 

    Develop a business case showing the potential savings of a change in your supply chain.

    “What is the best supply chain network set-up to efficiently serve our customers while keeping the cost under control?”

    “Do we have the right inventory levels and policies?”

    “How can we increase our production capacity?"

    “How do we use our resources optimally?”

    “How to efficiently plan and schedule activities and resources?”

    These are just a few of the questions many logistics and supply chain managers face on a daily basis. Many of the answers to these questions require a significant investment in time and/or budget before they can be implemented. You have to convince your management this is a good investment.

    Through the optimization project we support each participant to build an individual business case answering a relevant supply chain question or challenge.

    • “What are the steps to take to analyze your current business process?”
    • “What are the best KPI’s to take into account?”
    • “What are the potential savings you can expect implementing the proposed change?”
    • “What are the potential risks and challenges for the implementation, does it really improve bottom line performance?”
    • “How to compare different scenarios?”
    • “How to best present your business case?”

    We coach you to use the right data, methods and tools to use for your analysis. The ultimate goal is to build a business case you can present to your management to request for funding or additional support.

  • Participants

    This program is ideal for experienced Operations Managers from a broad range of industry sectors.

    • Ideal industries include: consumer packaged goods; chain retail; aerospace; airlines; oil, gas and chemicals to name a few.
    • Managerial functions that include: supply chain planning; production planning; logistics; forecasting; inventory; and operations analysis.
  • Featured Faculty

    The Advanced Analytics Operations Optimization Certificate will be led by distinguished professionals and faculty members from across Carnegie Mellon University. 

    Dr. Michael Trick, Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Research and Higgins Professor of Operations Research

    • Operations research; sports scheduling; integer programming

    Willem-Jan van Hoeve, Carngie Bosch Associate Professor of Operations Research

    • Operations research; optimization; constraint programming; hybrid solution methods; decision diagrams for optimization; real-world applications of vehicle routing and scheduling

    Sridhar Tayur, Ford Distinguished Research Chair and Professor of Operations Management

    • Healthcare operations; supply chain management; enterprise analytics and software; private equity and lean operations; entrepreneurship and social enterprises

    Alan Montgomery, Associate Professor of Marketing

    • Electronic marketing; clickstream analysis; price optimization; Bayesian statistics; decision theory

    Dr. Anita Wooley, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory

    • Organizational behavior and theory
  • Fee and Terms

    Fee: The program fee of $9,800 per participant covers instruction, course materials, coaching, and most meals. A non-refundable $450 deposit will be invoiced at the time of registration. The balance of the program fee is due prior to the start of the program.

    Accommodation: Logistic details will be communicated to participants after registration. Cost of accommodation is not included in the program fee. Recommendations for local hotel options can be provided, however rooms reservations and transportation are the responsibility of the participant.

    Cancellation policy:

    • All requests to cancel must be received in writing.
    • Qualified substitutes for registration can be accommodated.
    • Cancellations forfeit the deposit fee.