Attend MSCF Admissions Events

There is no better way to determine if the Carngie Mellon MSCF program is a good fit for you than to attend an admissions event.

Whether you are a prospective full- or part-time student, we are excited for you to get to know more about us just as we learn more about you.


We host prospective students on both the Pittsburgh and New York campuses if you would like to learn first-hand about the program. 


Prospective part-time students – join us for an event that is scheduled around your busy work week. At the New York Information Session, you’ll meet current students and learn about the MSCF program, career resources and admissions process.


For added flexibility and opportunities for prospective MSCF candidates to visit virtually, we schedule webinar information sessions, application workshops and online chats for you to continue your relationship with the admissions team and our current students. Please register online for these virtual events.


Information Sessions are designed to provide you with details about the MSCF program at Carnegie Mellon and provide with some insights about the program and for submitting a strong application.


Whether chatting with the admissions team or current students, you have the opportunity to connect with us during a live Online Chat and learn more about the MSCF program.