Apply to the Carnegie Mellon MSCF Program

Application Checklist

Your MSCF application will contain a variety of components that provides the Admissions Committee information to assess your candidacy for our MSCF Program. We use a holistic review process and do not assign specific weights to the various parts of the application. Carefully read the application instructions prior to beginning the online application.

The following application components are required:

- Online Application Form
- Current Resume
- Unofficial Transcripts of All Academic Work
- Official GRE Score (preferred) or GMAT (accepted)
- Official TOEFL or IELTS Score (if non-native English speaker)
- Two Required Essays
- Three Recommendation
- $125 Application Fee
  • Reapplying to the MSCF Program

    If you have submitted an application for the MSCF program within the last year, you need to follow a specific process to submit a new application. Please email to notify us that you wish to reapply to the MSCF program. Please include "MSCF Reapplication” in the subject line of your email. Once your request has been processed, you will receive instructions to log into the MSCF application system to begin your application.

    Please note you will need to submit a new application and updated letters of recommendation; however, you will not need to submit an application fee when reactivating an application submitted within the past year.

    Interviews will be granted only at the invitation of the admissions committee based on our review of your submitted MSCF application.

    Please note that interview invitations may be extended at any time after you submit your reapplication, up until the date that your admission decision is released.

    Should you have any questions about the re-application process, please contact

  • Dual Degree Applicants

    Dual degree applicants must meet the admissions requirements for both programs that are associated with the specific dual degree.  Applicants are required to submit both programs applications separately. We encourage applicants to review specific admissions requirements for this academic option.
  • International Applicants

    Visa Regulations

    Visa regulations can be quite complex, and it is your responsibility to be aware of the regulations. Carnegie Mellon University provides a Foreign Student Advisor to assist applicants in visa matters, and we strongly recommend international applicants to use this service. Should you need to contact the Foreign Student Advisor, the address and phone number are listed below:

    Jennifer McNabb - Foreign Student & Scholar Advisor
    Office of International Education   
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Warner Hall-3rd Floor
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

    The United States' visa granting authority in the country of origin, ordinarily the United States Embassy, requires proof that sufficient funds are available to a student to cover both years of study before he/she is granted either the student visa (F-1) or an exchange visa (J-1).

    Certification of Financial Resources

    Financial resources should equal the total costs of living expenses and tuition for two years. As an applicant from a foreign country, you must submit three forms certifying their resources, indicating the source(s) of funds to be used during study at Carnegie Mellon. These are forms entitled:

    • Financial Statement
    • Affidavit of Support
    • Graduate Student Information Form

    You are required to complete these forms if you are offered admission; however you may select to submit them with your application if you would prefer.

    Please note that you must also submit the appropriate documentation described on the Affidavit of Support to verify:

    • the resources listed on the forms
    • your and/or your sponsor's ability to provide the stated financial support.
    If you are NOT company sponsored, an official certified bank statement must be submitted DETAILING your and/or your sponsor's financial resources. If you are admitted, these forms will be used to verify the source(s) of funds. Proper documentation is necessary for the school to issue the I-20 form needed to obtain a student visa.

    Proficiency in English

    Non-native English speakers must be skilled and confident when speaking, listening, reading and writing in English to ensure that they can participate fully in our learning environment.

    Candidates must:

    • have a fluent command of rapid, idiomatic English
    • be able to express their thoughts clearly in speech
    • be able to express their thoughts clearly in writing
    Applicants who are not citizens of English speaking countries, or who did not receive a degree from an institution where the language of instruction was English, must prove their proficiency in English by submitting one of the following tests with their application:

    • TOEFL: All scores must also be forwarded to Carnegie Mellon by ETS. Use institutional code 2074 and departmental code 02. Any questions about the TOEFL should be directed to ETS.
    IELTS:  Select Carnegie Mellon and the Tepper School of Business to have your IELTS scores sent to us.