Goldman Sachs Lecture Series

Thanks to a gift from Goldman Sachs Gives, the following lectures on Statistical Machine Learning for High Dimensional Data are available to the public.
Please download and install Microsoft Sliverlight in order to view these videos. Click on the title of each lecture in order to view it. Closed captioning (cc) is also available.

Introduction: John Lehoczky

Below are the four lectures in the series.  You will need Microsoft Silverlight to be installed in order to view these videos.  Click on the title of each lecture to view it.  The videos can be "popped out" and played full screen using the icons in the upper right corner, and closed caption "cc" is also available.

Lecture 1: Regression
How to predict Y from X.

Lecture 2: Structure and Sparsity
Finding hidden structure in data.

Lecture 3: Nonparametric Methods
Statistical models with weak assumptions.

Lecture 4: Latent Variable Models
Flexible methods that use hidden variables.