Student Account and Billing

Student Account and Billing information for MSCF students at the Tepper School of Business

Whether you are a student who needs a special invoice for your employer or sponsor, a student seeking a tuition payment plan or enrollment verification, or you just want to view your invoice or recent student account activity that has posted to your student account since your last e-bill, the information below may provide the answer.  

Also included below is information about the Tepper School tuition refund policy and federal financial aid adjustments for students who withdraw.


Student billing and payments are handled by The HUB, Carnegie Mellon University’s central enrollment services office. More information may be found on The HUB's website. You may view e-bills and recent account activity, update your address, enroll in E-Pay and E-Refund, request enrollment verification, and view other important academic information on Student Information Online (SIO). SIO may be accessed by logging in with your Andrew ID and password.


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View your invoice or recent student account activity online via the SIO.


 Tepper School tuition is refunded 100% to students who withdraw by the course drop deadline. After the course drop deadline, tuition is non-refundable and remains charged at 100%.*This refund policy does not apply to residents of Maryland participating in programs delivered via distance education. Carnegie Mellon University's tuition adjustment policy applies to tuition refunds for Maryland residents in these programs.


Irrespective of tuition charges, when a student withdraws from all classes, federal financial aid is adjusted in the following order on a pro-rated basis as per federal regulations until 60%* of the period used to calculate the federal award is completed: 

  1. Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan
  2. Federal Perkins Loan
  3. Federal Direct Grad Plus Loan

*When a student withdraws before the end of the first mini of the enrollment period that has been used to calculate the award, the 60% mark is determined by counting the total number of completed days in that mini by the total number of days in the mini.

*When a student withdraws after the end of the first mini in a semester (including withdrawal during the period of time between the end of the first mini of a semester and the beginning of the second mini of a semester) the 60% mark is calculated by dividing the total number of completed days in that semester by the total number of days in that semester.  

*Scheduled breaks of at least 5 consecutive days are not counted in total days or completed days

Federal aid recipients who are withdrawing are strongly encouraged to visit the Tepper School Financial Aid Office in GSIA 101 to learn what portion of disbursed financial aid is unearned and must be canceled or returned to the lender. Information about the university’s student leave policy may be found on