Contact a Current Student

We understand that you have many questions as you go through the admission process, and our current students are a wonderful resource! They can help address questions about the curriculum, clubs, career paths and more, including what life is like at the Tepper School and in the Pittsburgh community. Our students have generously volunteered to help with your questions, so please utilize them as a resource to better understand the community and culture while remembering that they have many priorities and commitments during business school. Here are some helpful tips to remember when reaching out to our current students:

  • Do your research ahead of time and ask thoughtful questions about the student experience rather than details you could find elsewhere online.
  • Our students often receive multiple requests in one day so please be patient while you await their response.
  • Be thoughtful about who you direct your questions to rather than sending identical emails to many students at the same time. 
  • Admissions-related questions, including questions about the essays, should be directed to the admissions office.