MBA alumna Kathryn Basch

    • Curriculum


      MBAs study a range of marketing disciplines, such as branding, optimization, pricing, interactive, B2C, B2B, and strategy.

    • Faculty


      Marketing profs include former industry executives and expert researchers who bring cutting-edge techniques to the classroom.

    • Professional Clubs

      Professional Clubs

      For Marketing Careers: Marketing Club, Biopharma Healthcare Club, Business & Technology Club, Organizational Leadership Club


    • Career Center

      Career Center

      Work with counselors who have industry experience and partner with marketing recruiters on full-time job and internship opportunities.

    • Career Paths

      Career Paths

      Our grads pursue careers across the marketing spectrum: product and brand management, B2B, B2C, product management, research and analytics.

    • Networking


      Many of our MBAs pursue marketing careers which focus on product management and general marketing development programs.


    • Employment Reps

      Full-Time Reports

      Access our database for annual figures on full-time salaries, recruiters, functions, acceptances, and geographic data.

    • Internship Reps

      Internship Reports

      Access our database for a break-out of statistics for summer internship salaries, acceptances and recruiting partners.

    • Recruiters


      Our recruiting partners represent consumer packaged goods companies, as well as large retailers, technology companies and Fortune 500 companies.