MBA alumna Erin Carmichael

    • Curriculum


      Students choose from among many ops electives as well as MBA Tracks and Capstone courses that combine breadth and depth.

    • Faculty


      Our operations/operations research faculty hold some of the highest academic honors granted by international organizations.

    • Professional Clubs

      Professional Clubs

      For Operations Careers: Operations Club, Business & Technology, Energy, Consulting, and Biopharma Healthcare Club.


    • Career Center

      Career Center

      We understand the needs of operations recruiters. Our deep experience makes Tepper MBAs highly sought by industry execs.

    • Career Paths

      Career Paths

      Our grads pursue careers in operations and production management, purchasing, supply chain management and logistics as well as leadership development and general management programs.

    • Networking


      Students have access to the global alumni network as well as Carnegie Mellon’s engineering and computer science schools.


    • Employment Reps

      Full-Time Reports

      Access our database for annual figures on full-time salaries, recruiters, functions, acceptances, and geographic data.

    • Internship Reps

      Internship Reports

      Access our database for a break-out of statistics for summer internship salaries, acceptances and recruiting partners.

    • Recruiters


      Students pursuing operations careers find success across a breadth of industries, from traditional operations roles to technology, biopharma and financial services roles.