The Tepper School's Career Opportunities Center

The Tepper School’s Career Opportunities Center (COC) offers an array of career services to help you in the planning, search and acceptance phases of your career. We are not a job placement office or an executive search firm. However, we will work with you to understand your career goals, and then partner with you as a coach, strategic advisor and accountability partner throughout your career search.

Your career results will be directly correlated with your own efforts, fueled by our ongoing efforts. Our goal is to prepare you to find a starting point for your career at large business employers within one of the major corporate functions, including general management:

  • Marketing: across all industries
  • Finance: financial services and corporate finance across all industries
  • Consulting: major firms and internal consulting positions within large companies
  • Operations: across all industries

Our Mission

The COC’s mission is simple. We strive to:

  • Deliver services designed to help students and alumni develop a career focus compatible with their own interests, values and skills.
  • Develop programs designed to help students and alumni develop a personal marketing plan.
  • Provide an on- and off-campus interview process to facilitate the efforts of currently enrolled students to secure meaningful employment, and for employers to secure the talent they need.
  • Provide opportunities for employers to communicate information about open positions to students and alumni.

We fulfill our mission by helping you to find job opportunities and offering you support.

Finding Job Opportunities

We focus externally on creating or unearthing job opportunities for you. We reach out to companies daily to initiate, create, develop, advance or solidify corporate relationships with the goal of getting companies to recruit our students. Some of the ways we accomplish that include:

  • Call on companies, from cold calling to following up on random leads.
  • Meet with employers in the US, major markets and internationally.
  • Network with companies via careers fairs and treks.
  • Reach out to over 225 target companies specifically asking about job opportunities for students.
  • Build on existing relationships to broaden recruiting reach.

Offering You Support

We also focus internally on providing support to you as you pursue your ideal job. Think of us as your teachers, counselors and coaches. We’ll help you with your job search in any way possible, including assisting you in:

  • Thinking through what you want to do and why.
  • Creating a game plan for your job search, including creating a list of target companies where you want to work.
  • Communicating effectively with potential employers including writing relevant resumes and cover letters.
  • Teaching you to use the tools we provide to you so that you can benefit from the vast resources at Tepper.
  • Developing your networking skills so that you can develop contacts within potential future employers.
  • Developing your technical, behavioral and case interviewing skills so that you can impress potential future employers.
  • Helping you to stay motivated and on track by meeting with you regularly (as much or as little as you want).
  • Helping you evaluate and negotiate job offers.
  • Developing and executing relevant content for club activities (treks, speakers, workshops, etc.)