The Tepper School's Career Opportunities Center

Throughout your internship and full-time job search, the school’s Career Opportunities Center (COC) will provide many resources, services and avenues for career exploration of different functions and industries.

Web-based CareerLeader Assessment 

The CareerLeader Assessment program is a web-based system for on-campus recruiting, applying for on-campus interviews, distributing job descriptions via e-mail and completing resume referrals. 

Career fairs

The COC hosts career fairs every year. Recent fairs include:

  • Carnegie Mellon Career Fairs 
  • Consortium Orientation Program
  • Forté Foundation Conference
  • Japanese/English Bilingual Job Fairs
  • National Association of Women MBAs
  • National Black MBA Association Career Fair
  • National Society of Hispanic MBAs Career Expo
  • Net Impact North America
  • Reaching Out (LGBT MBA)
  • WestPacs (Pittsburgh)
  • Women for Hire Career Expo
  • Student club treks

Corporate Presentations

The COC provides students with opportunities to learn about numerous companies through a series of corporate presentations. Corporate presentations are also recommended for students trying to learn more about career paths in general. Last year, more than 80 presentations took place. Presenters usually include representatives — who are frequently business school alumni — from various levels in the company who speak about careers within the organization. In addition, students are given insight into the company’s management style and corporate culture. 

Workshops and counseling

The COC offers individual counseling appointments and workshops with counselors who have business backgrounds and experience. The COC offers an impressive variety of workshops. The list below represents the workshops offered in an academic year. Workshops are often offered multiple times through the course of the year and are recorded and available on the COC website for those who cannot attend.

Recent workshops:

  • Resume Writing 
  • Behavioral Interviewing 
  • Career Fairs – Consider Attending and Preparation 
  • How to Tell a STAR story 
  • Cover letters 
  • International Student Job Search 
  • Interviewing Tips 
  • Mentoring 
  • Networking 
  • On-Campus Recruiting Introduction 
  • Optimizing the Internship 
  • Industry and Functional Career Introductions 
  • Leveraging Tepper Resources

In addition to workshops, the COC offers the following services to students individually:

  • Appointments for the review of resumes and cover letters.
  • Resume books, which are available to employers.
  • Videotaped mock interviews.
  • Feedback from on-campus interviews.
  • Assistance with offer evaluation and negotiation.