Course List

    • 45890 Consulting and Conflict Resolution

      Consulting and Conflict Resolution offers you a systematic methodology for improving your interpersonal communications skills as well as your effectiveness as a consultant, mediator, and business leader. In the course students learn how employ the strategies that experts use to handle difficult peop... Read More
    • 45891 Presenting Competitively

      This course provides opportunities for you to hone your business leadership skills by competing in five in-class contests, debates, and case competitions with other MBA students. Competitive presentation techniques are absolutely essential to every MBA’s toolkit. It isn’t enough to pul... Read More
    • 45892 Executive Communication Skills

      As you advance up the managerial ladder you’re likely to find yourself facing irate shareholders or analysts or legislators or consumers or—worst of all in the eyes of many executives—journalists and broadcasters who are covering your company’s relationships with one or more... Read More
    • 45894 Communicating Change

      Organizations must change to remain competitive, yet employees are often slow to accept change.  In this course, students will develop strategies for understanding, identifying, and clarifying the reasons for this and develop communication strategies to earn support.  Responding to cases, ... Read More
    • 45895 Business Acting I

      The purpose of this Business Acting course is to widen your public comfort zone & to unlock your potential for greater expressive power for use in business communications.  This experiential course helps participants to get "out of themselves" and to become more expressive, outgoing & c... Read More
    • 45896 Business Acting II

      Prerequisites: 45-895 Business Acting is a prerequisite for this course. Purpose: Business Acting II is an opportunity to further unlock your potential as a communicator through becoming more proficient, thorough & masterful at the principles & practical techniques introduced in the first c... Read More
    • 45897 Corporate Communications Simulation

      Corporate Communications Simulation is an elective course that enables students to enact the communications methodologies, mediums, and strategies they will need to fulfill in managerial roles within a corporation.  Students will take on roles of top executives in a corporate environment (e.g.,... Read More
    • 46979 Asset Management

      Asset Management pulls together many (all!) of your quantitative tools to look at something near and dear to us all: wealth. At the core, Asset Management (sometimes called Wealth Management) is the familiar portfolio problem with the objective of balancing returns and risk. But evaluating risk and... Read More
    • 47745 Topics in Marketing: Dynamic Structural Models in Marketing & Economics

    • 73338 Financial Crises and Risk

      This course provides an in-depth examination of the causes of financial crises as well as what governments can do to prevent them or at least reduce their cost. The course is designed to provide an understanding of individual attitudes towards risk and individual decision making about savings and in... Read More
    • 73341 Economics of the Corporation

      This course focuses on coordination and incentive issues within a corporation. Topics include employment contracts, performance incentives and pricing of financial assets. Read More