Course List

    • 45810 Money, Banking and Financial Markets

      Economics 45-810: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets Mini 3, Spring 2013--Professor Marvin Goodfriend           This course employs a modern macroeconomic model of monetary policy to explain the interplay between real, monetary, and financial macroecon... Read More
    • 45811 Monetary Policy in the US and Abroad

      Economics 45-811: “Monetary Policy in the US and Abroad” Mini 4, Spring 2013--Professor Marvin Goodfriend  The course employs a two-country model of international trade and finance to explain the determination of the exchange rate, the terms of trade, the trade balance, financial fl... Read More
    • 45855 Statistical Applications in Management

      This course has two broad objectives. One is to give you more experience in analysis of data. The other   is to add to your took kit of statistical methods. The course emphasizes learning by doing. Applications in the course demonstrate that analysis of data can be exciting (really!). The ... Read More
    • 45875 Government and Business

      Government at all levels can significantly affect business through regulations, international relations, funding, or the myriad of political processes and people. The way your business interacts with government can make you a success or a failure. Competitive markets are efficient only under certain... Read More
    • 45910 The Global Economy -Past, Present and Future

      THE GLOBAL ECONOMY – PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Course Objectives To analyze the performance of the global economy since World War II. To examine the success – or failure – of economic policy in promoting economic growth and price stability. To ... Read More
    • 45911 Capitalism

      The aim of the course is to familiarize students with arguments for and against the market system. The readings from the social sciences deal with political-economic interactions and the implications of different social arrangements. (10/12- AM) Read More
    • 45913 Emerging Markets

      The aim of the course is to understand the economic, political and institutional forces that spur or hinder business activity and success in emerging economies. The course is designed to provide an overview of fiscal, monetary, trade and labor market policies adopted in emerging economies  and ... Read More
    • 45977 Catastrophic Risk Analysis

      Catastrophic risk can end corporate life. Catastrophic risks are unanticipated losses or damage that cripple an organization and often lead to a survival mode. The following questions are examples of corporate survival situations that are the results of catastrophic risks. BP systematically underes... Read More
    • 45978 The Sustainable Business: Energy and Environmental Policies

      The Sustainable Business: Energy and Environmental Policies The modern business can no longer survive merely by selling a product or service at market price. It must now also consider the implications its operations have on society and the environment. This course will focus on fundamental issues re... Read More